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Blocked IP addresses suspected to be used by botnets

millongenerations hopes to be an open and collaborative effort for the benefit of our common descendants, genetic or otherwise. As an open website it is prone to deliberate or accidental use for different purposes and vandalism. To the surprise of the not very internet savy founders, the open site was quickly and intensively used for unrelated purposes.

Practically all of such unrelated use seems to have come from automated creation of links to external pages. It was temporarily reduced after the authorities moved against the Bredolab botnet in October 2010 but had started in different form (displaying a 'under construction' message with a link) by mid-november 2010. Because of a proliferation of such attacks the content had to be protected from edititing by users that are not logged in, which is unfortunate because it increases the hurdle to contributions.

IP addresses where such attacks came from were blocked to avoid continuation. The legitimate owners of the IP addresses may not be aware that their computers were used for such purposes. The Block Log provides a list of these addresses and the time when they were used. If we find practical ways to inform the owners, we plan to do so. People who find their IP addresses blocked and don't know why can simply send an email to the foundation to regain access (might take a while).