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Stichting milliongenerations is a not-for-profit foundation ("Stichting" = foundation in Dutch).

Stichting milliongenerations
Koningin Wilhelminalaan 8
3527 LD Utrecht
The Netherlands
Incorporated as a foundation as per Dutch law on 11 June 2009, providing formal backing to an effort initiated in the first half of 2008.
Chamber of commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) registration number 30264130

The not-for-profit status follows from the charter of incorporation. An application to local tax authorities for recognition as a charitable foundation is planned to allow Dutch donors to deduct their donations in income tax statements.

The operations of the foundation are determined by

executed by volunteers and guided by a board of volunteers.

Thanks to De Alchemist (and until November 2011 ruim) for the shared location and Notaris L.J. Begheijn for drafting the charter and incorporating the foundation!

Activities, Purpose, Mission

The charter defines the purpose of the foundation:

The creation of a platform/environment with the intent to enable collectively
  1. finding answers to the question "what is a sustainable society"
  2. identifying conditions that must be met to allow civilization to exist while life is possible
  3. advancing the right to existence for future generations.
  1. To this should be added helping secure the existence of future generations.

The purpose of the foundation thus is to

This includes maintaining the site ( and building the environment for the contributions, where a focused discussion and generation of ideas can take place. It also includes efforts to communicate its cause and to encourage and potentially support the continuation of civilizations as long as possible.

Values and Vision

See: Vision and Values

Why a foundation?

A formal organization is necessary to be able to receive funds. The organizational form of a foundation is chosen because it seems least burdensome and adequate for the time being. The board of the foundation currently consists of initially self appointed volunteers and it is eventually planned to hand the foundation over to a new board that is determined by the prize competition.

If that handing over the foundation proves not feasible, and if a majority of those volunteers who build the foundation and work to allow the effort (which N.B. is distinct from the contributions of content on the site) demands a democratically elected board, the board must turn the foundation into an association built along the same principles, allowing membership to all volunteers contributing relevantly to the development of the foundation, and democratically determine the composition of the board of that association in annual general assemblies.

For the time being, there seem to be more important issues than organizational optimization. If you believe something should be done differently and can't just edit it on the site, contact the board via email (below) or letter above.

This effort still needs a lot of work to make it work properly towards the goals. Welcome!

End of the organization

The organization was formally set up on 11 June 2009 for a limited time of 25 years. If it has not achieved its purpose until 11 June 2034 it probably wouldn't anyway and there are more reasons. If necessary it can be dissolved earlier, but not later. Means still at its disposal shall be used according to the charter and the strategy.

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