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This related topics / background page is getting rather large and could use more structure. How about splitting it into seperate pages in a "Background" or better "References" namespace?

It could also use more on aspects of sociology and the study of human nature that are relevant to the exploration of lasting civilization. Beware, however, to keep the focus on the long term! While it would be a severe setback if it were found that human nature were incompatible with lasting existence (as some suggest in their criticism of milliongenerations), the question of how intelligence and knowledge can last (i.e., coexist with natural processes) is independent of humans. Let's hope that there is a lasting future for human descendants, that is what we do this for. The long term focus seems important to achieve this objective. Knowledge of human nature and possibly achievable systems of societies will be useful when planning to implement findings, but might actually be detrimental to finding insights. Delving too deep into discussions of what society or human nature does or should look like might cause milliongenerations' effort of finding useful insights (a map) for common goals (lasting civilization) to be suffocated by ideological warfare and political bickering and would only risk repeating efforts made elsewhere.

Alphabetic order for authors is nice, but wouldn't a historical order be better? E.g., newest on top. After all, information would seem to increase.

this page is too long.

Separate namespace seems good idea --Somebody 16:32, 28 August 2009 (UTC)