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There is only one type of human on earth!

This subject warrants more effort to be communicated.

How about a video presentation communicating that "there is only one type of human on earth" e.g.,

  • showing different faces (e.g., similar to 6 milliards d'autres and videos (1, 2) of the Charter for Compassion)
  • reflecting on
    • ideas about ancestry and posterity on the scale of a few hundered years (tell me which group has no ancestors in a few hundered years)
    • that no two are identical
    • that our "hardwired" and easily self-reinforcing tendency to divide into groups can dangerously be exploited
    • that this division into groups can be achieved on the basis of arbitrary and irrelevant "characteristics"
    • that we use the the same brain cells to think about us and members of our "group" and different brain cells for members of other groups
    • examples of rapid mixing of different groups e.g., the continuum of people of indigenous and African descent in Cuba
    • possibly some historical examples of misuse of the "group" (keep the video positive, though)
    • What would I have done had I had her genes and experiences?

Rather than one presentation, this could also take the form of video statements of different people asked to react to or debate the statement that "there is only one type of human on earth"