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Looking back in history of that lasting civilization the term "religion" often was connected to conflicts. Two aspects of religion were meaningful in this context: Religion as a set of rules for

- leading a happy life (e. g. Buddhism) or

- leading a life making an ultimate power or reality (e. g. God or Gods) happy.

Different religions are made up of different set of rules their followers believe in, i.e. made up of different believes. The civilization we talk about here had to add the word "only" in front of "believes" to achieve a state of tolerance that made life-threatening conflicts between the followers of this believe systems, especially of the latter aspect, history. Big advances in spirituality helped accomplishing this, by bringing the common core concepts for "leading a happy life" to light that (may) have been hidden in every religion. The aspect of religions providing a community or "sangha" for personal advancement in spirituality was emphasized on the path of this development.

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