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Presentation of milliongenerations' concepts from March 2009

How can there be most happiness?

How can there be most happiness?

Happiness is complicated.


  • necessary for happiness

Conditions for existence

  • of civilization
  • while life is possible

millions of generations realizing life is wonderful

ca. 100,000,000,000,000,000 individuals on this planet

How can there be most happiness?

Is there a problem?

Is there a problem?

Stephen Hawking at TED 2008: "Our only chance of ... survival is to ... spread out into space"

Want to save the earth?

Want to save the earth?

Good news!

The earth will stay

A biosphere for billions of years

Can civilization remain?

Who can come up with solutions?

Who can come up with solutions?

  • Politicians? Need to win the next fight
  • Companies? Need to make money
  • Specialists? Need to publish
  • Organizations? There are many

Why are we still consuming the earth?

Consider something new

Consider the web

Engage the wisdom of crowds

Together we can.



The future?

Many have tried.


Assume civilizations

Assume civilizations continue

Change perspective

Assume there still is civilization in a billion years

What can be concluded from this assumption?

  • Where did the waste go to?
  • How much can each generation consume?
  • What materials are still used?
  • What was the average population growth?
  • Where did the energy come from?

Explore the conditions of lasting civilizations

Adapt concepts, not humans

Viable visions


Many aspects of maintaining civilizations

Many aspects of maintaining civilizations

  • Containing conflicts
  • Using only what remains
  • Maintaining population within upper and lower limits
  • Surviving increasing knowledge and progress
  • Containing existential risks
  • Conceiving economies that can continue
  • ...

Enjoy the thoughts.

We can only win.

  • assume civilization continues
  • change perspective
  • viable visions
  • inspire

  • contributions & ideas
  • an environment better suited to discussions
  • a prize for the most cited contribution
  • committed members who make it happen

YOU can

  • write & edit online
  • discuss & modify the concepts on the site
  • ContactFoundation.png

Life is wonderful

because life is wonderful