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Under development is a guided research project among Master students interested in exploring the topic of long-term thinking in a creative and academic way. The idea stems from a pragmatic approach that aims to bring more action, thought, and discussion to a topic that seems woefully absent from our society. A cross-disciplinary approach could provide a fresh perspective.

The program, designed in collaboration with Hub Amsterdam and Million Generations, will guide 5-6 master students from Utrecht University and UvA in approaching a societal problem which pertains to the expansion and transfer of knowledge and/or the rights and needs of future generations.

The guided thesis will take place for 6 months. As part of the overall semi-structured framework of the program, alongside the the students’ research will be a set of activities that enriches their understanding of the topic and their ability to reconceptualize and map a complex challenge. Generally, this will include:

  • Weekly exploratory discussions among the researchers
  • Excursions and meetings with relevant and forward thinking institutions and individuals
  • Facilitated collaborative sessions with a network of individuals with different expertise

What is needed?

The program seeks a partner in an existing organization that has a specific challenge or a series of related challenges which could benefit from academic research of this creative and cognitive nature. Our aim is to further understanding and discussion of this important way of thinking and planning, while simultaneously applying the thought processes to practical research. The partner obtains great research on an important and relevant topic of its interest, while the program receives added legitimacy and guidance.

If you have ideas about the program or suggestions for partners, please let us know: File:Emailchris.jpg