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Contributions to should be based on the assumptions

that there is at least one civilization on planet earth in a billion years and

that it evolved from currently existing human civilization(s).

The assumptions about civilization should be reduced to the existence of an exchange of information between conscious individuals (both might indeed be very different than today, predictions should be avoided.)

The subjective perception of existence is assumed to be net positive.

Other assumptions may turn out to be necessary and are listed here.

Implicit assumptions should be declared.

Imagine that civilization in some form or other will continue on this planet for as long as the sun shines.

The thought might require a leap of faith. A lot of people see our ways of life (and thus the achievement of having so many of us) at risk. So there are many initiatives and organizations working to improve the situation by one action or another. milliongenerations believes it will be helpful to better understand what allows civilizations to last. To this end, this site asks questions and invites debate from a different perspective.