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The environment for the contributions is the technical basis of this site that enables the contributions.

We plan to organize a prize to go to the most positively cited contributors or contributions determined by the users themselves. The environment of this site will have to be substantially adapted to achieve that.

- For discussion: is the prize concept beneficial? Discuss here.

Languages: we hope to accommodate contributions in different languages. Ideally, any user would be able to see and enter text in the language he/she is most comfortable with. Contributions in one language could be initially translated by machine translation into other available languages. Users viewing text that was authored in a different language from their own would see the original and the translated version side by side. If they understand both, users would be allowed to improve the translation or vote on its adequacy. Once a translation is judged adequate by a sufficient number of users, it may serve instead of the original for comparative viewing.

It would be welcome if the format turned out to be useful to also help explore other questions. Once an environment exists that proves useful, we plan to making it available to others, similar to the Wikimedia Foundation that provides the MediaWiki environment that we use until we have and can implement a concept that is more suitable to a focused discussion. On this note: suitable environments may exit. Where?

Discuss on the talk page.