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Predicting the future is rather difficult. Let us try to avoid predictions or speculations.

The assumption may not allow valid conclusions for certain topics. We should try to find questions where it does and focus exclusively on those.

Additional assumptions may be helpful later to answer additional questions. Implicit assumptions are hard to avoid but should be declared when recognized. Keeping the assumptions to a minimum will increase relevance.

All the above may be difficult should not hinder progress. Let us try without fear, and improve where we can later.


Let us not (here) think about how (or if) we believe the assumption that civilization(s) continue for millions of generations can or should be reached. Those discussions could come later or elsewhere.


Please consider and cite work that has already been done elsewhere where appropriate. Please add links to other contributions wherever possible and make sure your new contribution is referenced in at least one other contribution.


Before contributing your thoughts on, please make sure you accept the purpose and assumption of and are willing to follow these guidelines and agree to make your contributions available for editing and redistribution. If you disagree with any of these, you could contribute to a discussion (e.g., to change the rules, but please accept the current ones). You could also start a different site. But please don't contribute here if you don't agree. Thank you.