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How could the cause of milliongenerations be communicated?


  • Is eternal civilization inevitable? Is progress automatically ensured, no matter what we do? If yes: great! If there is a doubt (history after all shows that civilizations can collapse and species can become extinct), please help identify conditions of lasting civilization. does this in an open and collaborative effort. Only when we understand where we want to go do we have a chance of getting there!
  • Markets and governments know best how to ensure our children and all future generations have a great future. In their infinite wisdom and in collaboration with international bodies the right decisions are taken, crises are averted and the perfect future for our species is ensured. Trust the available systems, don't worry, be happy now.
  • When should humanity end? If you want it to continue, it makes sense to think about what is required for lasting civilization.
  • How many generations could there be on earth?


  • Want to save the earth? Good news: the earth will stay.
  • There's only one type of human on earth.
  • Life can continue for billions of years on this planet. Why not knowledge?
  • How can there be most happiness?
  • "It's good to be here. It's good to be anywhere, actually." (Keith Richards)
  • What are you doing for posterity?
  • What are you doing to keep civilization possible?

Social networks and Twitter

  • Follow milliongenerations on twitter. (Somebody an idea of how we could automatically tweet the summaries of changes?)
There's an archive of the tweets of @millionGen

Introductory Presentation



    • Assume civilization continues
    • Change perspective
    • Viable visions
    • Inspire

Engage the wisdom

of crowds to consider

conditions for existence

of civilizations

while the sun shines

millions of generations


life is wonderful

Who would likely be interested to contribute?

Who would be able to contribute effectively?

How could these individuals be reached?

What would motivate these individuals?

How should the cause of milliongenerations be communicated?

A first idea to communicate the cause is by means of a Milliongenerations:Competition. A competion could mobilize people to contribute to the cause.